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I can’t see you but I know you’re waiting in the shadows. Lurking. Smirking.

Laughing at your effect upon my conscience, my soul, my emotions. All shaking and hurting…

From devastating blows you embellish in the darkness of my perpetual nights even when there are glimpses of light

I’m blinded by self-loathing, weakness from the continual battle for my mental stability and the constant fight

I’m tortured by the screams of my silent soul in the ears of my remaining humanity

Unbelieving that I’ve allowed myself to fail at this fight for my remaining sanity

Bloodied from head to toe, yet there are no red stains to reveal my wounds

The world cannot see what you’ve done to me; they cannot see that you’ve placed me in front of the pit of my eventual doom.

But leave me here long enough and you’ll find that you will laugh no more

My strength will rise from the pits of this darkness and my soul will begin again to glow

It will be your neck that you will find placed under the boot of my military shoe

Begging for your life as you feel the pressure and deadly force increasing upon you

You will begin to shake and shiver and will be I to smirk and smile as I respond to my duress

My world will no longer bow to your temples. I will wait, anticipate, and anxiously await for your eventual return. You hear me stress?

…but today, this is not my reality that gleans from my spirit to take me another step.

You have the upper hand and it is I that cower in this corner while my being can’t muster the strength to yell for help.

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  • Tha L says:

    Good work, Folk. I don’t know if it’s because I’m currently stressed the FVCK out trying to move back to Cali, but I totally knew you were talking about stress from the third or fourth line. Lord have mercy…keep pushin’ hun.

  • Dirty Red says:

    You must have been reading my mind man. This was a good damn read man. Good damn read.