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Let me see your face

Submitted by on January 1, 2011 – 12:33 am3 Comments

I never got to hold your hand or touch your new born feet
I never got to hold you close to my heart and listen as you sleep
I never got to hear the sound of your voice, nor understand your soul
I never got to guide your course or tell you the many tales to be told
I never got the chance to tend to your wounds, both emotionally and physical
I never got to be silly in your innocence and laugh gleefully ah so whimsical
I never got the chance to get to know who you are
as a result I now longer fear death because on the other side I know you wont be far
I never got to see the world through your eyes or re-imagine this hellish place
It hurts me most, I never got to know you, tell you I love you, or see your face
But the day will come when the angel death approaches and takes my soul by the hand
Initially I will tremble as Death leads me down the corridor away from this land
Joy will fill my soul, pain will trouble me no more, and the troubles of this world will begin to fade
In the distance I will see you, I will fly! I will yell with all my essence “Turn around! Daddy’s here! Let me see your face little angel babe.”

In rememberance of lil Folk whom we never got to know. We’ll see you kiddo on the other side. Now I have even more reason not to fear death because I want to know you.

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